About Us


About Us

If you have been a resident at places in Marietta and Cumming, Georgia then you can contact Pawnopoly to satisfy your financial needs on an urgent basis whenever required.

Pawnopoly has always understood that having the right people to work with is just as important as choosing a company. We have made the pawn business a fair, safe, family friendly way to do business when you need to raise quick cash.

Borrow the money you need faster than ever before! Bring in your items big and small and get an instant appraisal and get your best offer today. We provide all the facts you need to make an informed decision and we keep our word.

You can sell anything of value from Watches, Firearms, Musical Instruments, Electronics, Tools and any unusual item you would like to sell for immediate cash.


Confidentiality and privacy are both important considerations when you are dealing with a pawn shop. When you bring your valuable items to Pawnopoly for an appraisal or for a pawn loan, you will feel comfortable knowing that we value your privacy.

Many people come in to pawn shops to take out pawn loans using an item that holds sentimental value. Wedding rings and other jewelry holding sentimental value can be a difficult item to part with, even for a short term loan period. However, sometimes life can be unexpected. Because many pawn loans are emotional or sensitive in nature, at Pawnopoly we understand the importance of discretion.

We have experience and expertise

Half of our business is jewelry. We buy and sell pieces every day, so we are always happy to take in jewelry that has value. Since we sell so much jewelry, we need to have a good inventory at all times so our customers will have plenty to choose from. We evaluate and buy more jewelry than anyone else in Marietta and Cumming in Georgia.

Choosing Pawnopoly gets you the promise of the highest level of professionalism in the industry. Our associates are committed to giving you the courteous service you deserve.

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